The NYC Future's Act

Two things we must fix in NYC immediately is; establish a New Minimum Standard of Living, and identity, expose, and remove all corruption and inefficiencies. Creating a new foundation of Basic Human Rights & Needs, Public Health & Wellness, Community & Culture, and Ethics for New York City.

Here’s how we start… 

1. Basic Human Rights & Needs – The Constitution & Amendments must be 100% tangible to ALL New Yorkers (BIPOC, LGBTQ). Through that we’ll make sure all basic human needs are met for free so that no-one becomes homeless or die due to a lack of in a rich city like NYC. The 6 basic human needs of 2021 are: Food, Clean Water, Hygiene, Home, Healthcare, and Technology. Technology is important today for the conveyance of information & communication; and is 100% a need for the 21st Century.

2. Public Health & Wellness – This supports point number one for the people of NYC, but also the physical city itself. It must become healthy in all aspects – building, parks & green spaces, sustainability, clean energy, removal of all pollution (noise, air, water, etc. etc.), transit, transportation, and place Public Health over all the multiple departments and agencies of NYC.

3. Community & Culture – We must define what it is to be a New Yorker, and what we will not accept here in New York City.

We must protect and grow the Arts, Theater, Entertainment, Hospitality, and the multiple Communities and Cultures that make up NYC, especially BIPOC, LGBTQ, and Women.

We will form a New Coalition of People to help identify problems throughout the city in all neighborhoods and communities to then use that same platform to source from the people solutions and use collaboration, innovation, and entrepreneurial approaches to change our systems. They will also serve with the CCRB and Disciplinary Matrix, which will expand to all City Workers, to hold accountable and enforce action.

We need to update our education system to teach financial and civic literacy, and establish a FREE Undergraduate Degree at CUNY for anyone seeking to work as a City Civil Servant in any department (NYPD, DOE, DOB, DOT, DSNY, FDNY, etc. etc.) where they will learn the tools to communicate and interact with all the diverse New York Communities (Language, Culture, Sociology, Ecology, NYC History, Psychology, Communication, World Religions) and they can minor in the agency or department they wish to join.

4. Ethics & Communication – its time to clean house. We will operate with transparency and accountability. We will expose corruption; and the problems and inefficiencies of Albany’s control of our small businesses, real estate, transit as well as its relationships with billionaires, property developers, banks, and most certainly the Political Party Duopoly that creates gridlock and stops any and all progress. Term limits will be implemented and enforced in all areas, and we will hold to a new standard to encourage all New Yorkers to serve 2 to 4 years in public service.

5. Innovation & Entrepreneurship – We will have the Mayor’s Office of Innovation, which will not only bring NYC into the 21st Century, but re-establish communication systems and resources so that all city departments and agencies are fully integrated to efficiency and efficacy for a new management system, that puts Public Health above all, but also improves interdepartmental and agency collaboration all for the betterment of New Yorkers. Access to social and city resources will be realized by all New Yorkers. This Office will work to bring NYC into the present 21st Century, and also apply Moore’s Law to innovate for the Future of NYC – creating and promoting entrepreneurial endeavors and entrepreneurship (jobs & opportunities).

This is how and where I will start the process.