Why I’m doing this…

It has occurred to me that we can have a healthier urban living environment, and a better overall human experience. Other than complacency, greed, corruption, willful ignorance, and neglect, there should be no reason NYC, one of the wealthiest cities in the world, doesn’t see massive progress and prosperity.

NYC can be a leader in healthier, innovative, integrated and future-forward urban living. However, we all have to want it, and we all have to demand more of ourselves, and our elected officials to get it. We have to make drastic changes in our thoughts, views, interactions, expectations, and take accountability for the sake of a healthier and greater NYC now, and in 2121.

It’s time to clean up this city and make space for everyone to have a voice and a say in how things get done. White privilege, especially white male privilege, has been holding the power and control for far too long. There is too much corruption and too little accountability. Yes, I am a white man, and I do have privilege, but I want to use that privilege to make more space for everyone, especially the BIPOC, Black Women and the lowest income households that are most vulnerable. NYC’s elite and wealthiest should be called upon to help those less fortunate, and improve living conditions and experiences in low income areas. The work I am proposing for NYC is to benefit everyone, not just the uber-wealthy and elites.

We must also rethink our approach to infrastructure. When we have better systems and infrastructure, we pave the way for a better and healthier future. We need agile frameworks and designs that best prepare us for the ever-growing population of this planet, and all the uncertainties we may face in the future.

We need to start thinking beyond election cycles. The  short-term ‘symptom treating’ tactics have gotten us nowhere. It’s time to start laying the groundwork for a long-term picture of NYC – a picture that finally ‘cures the causes’ of our city’s biggest problems:  greed, systemic racism and corruption, to name a few.

We need more action and less talk. We must have roadmaps that integrate preventative methodology as opposed to reactionary ‘band-aid’ treatments. NYC is sick, and we can no longer focus on treating only our symptoms. We must start cleaning up the root causes of our disease, and that starts with first, acknowledging it, second, addressing it, and third, treating it. 

I believe that everyone should have access to the things that afford them the ability to prosper and pursue happiness. That means, at the very least, everyone should have healthcare, a home, clean water, safety, justice, representation, and various mental wellness resources.

We are often told that “we are the people” and that “we have the power,” yet everything around us in our communities seems to be managed and controlled by small groups of wealthy and elite people. I say, “no more,” and “enough is officially enough.” Community is about communication and follow through of unity. Wealthy people and elites are just part of the NY narrative. There are other groups of people that need to have more influence in how NY is shaped for the future too.

I can no longer sit back and hope for better candidates to fall into place. There is a saying that one should be the change they wish to see in the world, and lead by example. Well, here we are at a crossroads and I want to be, for NYC, the change I wish to see in the world. I envision a kinder, more empathetic, healthier, and educated city, where diversity is celebrated and sought after. The goal is to have a better human experience for everyone, I believe the plan I’ve laid out on this website is the way to make this happen. It’s a foundational rethinking of NYC, and I believe it’s achievable over time.

The collaborative models I propose are a starting point, and are still conceptual. I believe in iterations and continuous improvement, so my collaborative models will change for the better as they grow and flourish. When they do change, you won’t be left without an explanation or reasons for alterations and amendments. I vow to be transparent, and I pledge to usher in this style of leadership and culture throughout the city’s governing administration. I want to institute a more rigorous transparency and accountability process for myself, as well as incumbent leadership. We are at a critical time in NYC’s history, and we can’t afford to flounder by not practicing what we preach. Revitalizing NYC is going to take the help of each and everyone of us. The old saying goes that all ships are raised by the rising tide. Well, I’m asking you all to help me rise the tide. I do not believe I have all the answers. I only know that, if not me, who? If not now, when? I’m not perfect, but I believe I will be who and what we need, as opposed to what “looks good” and is “digestible.” I will listen and make time for everyone’s perspective. I will be open to investigations and show, transparently, the efficacy of all my plans and proposals.

Kindest and most positive intentions,

Images from “Never Built New York” exhibit at Queens Museum Sept 17, 2017 to Feb 18, 2018. link to article

Images from sustainable and renewable projects by others for a healthier and better urban experience.

Images from Wellvyl’s Live-Work-Play-Health
Concept Building. link video