Future State Vision

The Future Vision of NYC

We know that we can’t have more of the same. We know that our society and the systems which govern it have been falling short with empty promises, corruption, inefficiencies, and lack transparency, communication, empathy and hope. We need a new, fresh, youthful, willing, and optimistic approach with ideas of how to look at the city, the country, and the world, while still accounting or our unique and nuanced history. We have to harness all the obstacles, trials, tribulations, adversities, and accomplishments to piece together a realistic, sustainable, integrated, and unified foundation for the future. A future based on hope, humanity, public health and well-being, and growth. A future where new ideas outside of the ‘tried and true’ way can be tested and given the nourishment to possibly flourish, and ‘take hold.’ 

It’s time for a more binding NYC ideology – one that can inspire a period of growth and transformation towards a beautiful future. We can have a better city sooner than we think, but we need a unifying belief or philosophy to get there. We also need to stay open minded. Part of NYC’s brilliance has been putting to use the collective cultural intelligence of all our people. If we need to learn and implement best practices from other regions and countries, we should. We must stay inspired and open to new ideas for development – this is what will keep our city fresh, dynamic and adaptive for the future. I am willing to do what no one has done, but only speaks about. I have, and will continue to be the person who will ‘put my money where my mouth is,’ and will be relentless and resilient as I’ve always been.

My Plan is to take NYC from Cruel to Kind. I want to implement Emotional & Economic Reform to create a Healthy City. This healthy mindset will create the environment for collaboration & innovation. 

We’ll have humanities & cultural training along w/ city-wide communication focused on empathy, so that NYers can understand NYers. 

Furthermore, we’ll focus on economic innovation for all our communities (BIPOC, LGBTQ, creative, startup, tech, finance, nightlife, etc) by implementing programs focused on ‘For People, For City, For Profit’ neighborhood innovation. 

We’ll improve education by teaching wellness, financial, entrepreneurial, tech, creative & political literacy. We’ll reduce class size to 1 teacher for every 5 students, which will require the launching of a retraining program that’ll create more jobs for tutors & teachers to work digitally. 

We’ll make NY attractive for artists by having subsidy programs. We’ll also create an exchange system of ‘work for equity’ via blockchain technology. 

We’ll make NY green by reimagining buildings with gardens & parks integrated. We’ll update neighborhoods by building with communities, & help them prepare for future market shifts. NY will be attractive again.